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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Uneasy Rider, but Fun, nonetheless

(Continued) Red Snapper is a delicacy, truly, and and just as tender as I remembered. We managed to save a bit for tomorrow's Sunday lunch if only to prove my point that the dish is "better the next day."
We go to Daytona Beach this coming weekend. My husband, "Karate" Keith, aka "Wild Man" has a white Kawasaki bike, and, in case you didn't know, biking is synonymous with Daytona Beach. I never fancied myself a "biker" but we are members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, a worldwide membership with headquarters in Hatfield, Arkansas at "Iron Mountain." So we are hardly the stereotype. I took to the sport like a little timid fish to murky water. When the "leathers" started looking fashionable to me, I took the bait. I have a elongated, safety-yellow helmet that makes me look like a rainforest insect, and it's windshield keeps my eyelashes on and protects my face from blowdrying out. Little does Keith know that I am closer to God than I ever am on the back of his ride. If prayers were bubbles, you would think we had just gone through a car wash and forgot to rinse. His bike features detailed airbrushed art--Samson between the pillars, a key and lock, a spread Eagle, a Holy Spirit Dove, and the declaration, "Heaven-bound." Honestly, if you don't have the attitude that you're ready to meet God, take my advice and don't ride. To relax, I imagine heavy metal inside my head and I close my eyes in turns and lane changes. Keith's favorite scripture calls out to passersby when kickstands are up. It declares Matt. 6:33- or "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." I'm happy to be a member of the CMA and you can learn more at There may be a Chapter in your area. Until then "keep it on two."//

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