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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Appreciate Your Life

Do you appreciate your life?
The buzzword now seems to be "Love Your Life," and while that is excellent advice because so often, we focus on the negative and do not, yet on the other hand it seems a bit superficial and self gratifying.
The only way to appreciate your life, it seems to me, is to know what is truly important--
During the horrors of 911 and it's aftermath on our country, I was writing a book for my daughters. To give them a sense of who they are, and who they will become. To teach them the best parts of our family history. To let them grow and change, teaching them to worship and obey God. To show them how to care about and serve others. I wanted to give them a gift of self-esteem and bring a blessing which will last to the thousandth generation. Watching the World Trade Center crumble and smolder on television, I felt a desperate will to live, to want life to go on. For my children's sake. Not as before, but better. To appreciate the God-given miracle of living each day.
I realized that we Mothers must do this.
So, I sat down and wrote this very Mission Statement for my book, to wit:
To help women and their daughters to come into their inheritance with grace and understanding. To encourage them to model themselves after the "Wife of Noble Character" in Proverbs 31. To prepare them, hopefully, to become inheritors of all they are meant to receive, achieve, become and overcome in this life. And-I'm adding this now- to just plain have fun.
As my gift to you today, I'd like you to preview my book. Go to
The book is available only in ebook form now, but soon will be available to order through
You'll want a copy once you see it.
Ironically, though written for adults, the book's largest following have been elementary school libraries, where is it is popular AR reading book on the 5th grade level. Some children, boys and girls alike, checked it out many times.
Please follow my blog each day. I need your encouragement and you need mine. Appreciate your life and enjoy every second. Julia Child did.

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