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Friday, November 4, 2011

Caroline Grace Crowley Raises the Bar on Viking Idol Competition

(Ft. Walton Beach) Thursday night, Caroline Grace Crowley, 16, knocked them dead in the Viking Idol competition in the grand finale of the show. As contestant #20, she received acclaim from the judges, who told her that she "single-handedly raised the bar" in this competition even as they handed her 4th place the next day, disappointing friends.

Wearing an olive green satin halter top with tight black legging and over the knee boots, she gave an over the top performance to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." Her sultry voice was flawless, and choreography and stage presence show quality all the way.

When the Emcee asked what was her passion, and what she wanted to do when she went into the big world, she demurely said, "Music. Very much so." "Music. Awesome," he concurred.

She definitely puts her big heart, soul and petite self into her singing, which continues to improve. The question really is, where will it take her next?

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