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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Eastern Wings of a Dream

The lovely Eastern Airlines Stewardess placed a set of plastic wings in my hand. I looked up from the replica pin to her smile and out and down to her turquoise mini uniform and white go-go boots. My 12 year-old psyche absorbed the adventurous dream that was surely shared. In the 1970s, the jet airliners flew over our docks and I let my spirit catch a ride, tracing their stream of white mist until I couldn't see them anymore. Magazines boasted ads of stewardesses and their gleaming silver necked birds, and, oh, the places they'd go! Hawaii! Japan! Mexico! Even in my Archie comic books you could send for career and academy information, though I never did. My grandmother Betty whipped up a copy of the short tunic uniform, and a matching floppy hat, to proudly wear with my pin on the way from Ft. Lauderdale to home. This time, the stewardesses, I'm sure, got a big kick out of their imitator.
I've flown 3 times nationally and 3 times internationally in my lifetime, but never as a Stewardess. But, I ordered a kiddie pin of Delta on Ebay, and they have no age restriction so, you never know!

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