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Friday, October 30, 2009

This Blog Has a New Name! The Essential Heiress (tm)

It suddenly came to me after creating my "you might be an heiress if...The Essential Heiress Quiz." We are ALL essentially heiresses, created by Almighty God, and if we believe in his Son, then Heiresses of all He has made.
The Essential Heiress is a title that has some humor in it as well. You don't have to have a trust fund or have gobs of money. And it means that it is essential to stay involved in life, not just your own life, but the lives of others.
If you are a subscriber or casual visitor, you may not have to do anything to stay connected to this blog. I do hope and pray you are enjoying reading about the topics I am covering. I only write about what I am passionate about. And if that strikes a spiritual cord within you as well, then we are BOTH "Essential Heiresses."//

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Street Tango! Videos from Buenos Aires

The Mansion Dandi Royal ~ Boutique Tango Hotel in Buenos Aires

This has to be be the ultimate. This is where I would prefer to stay ~ in this Art Nouveau palace. Described as a boutique tango hotel, it is an actual mansion. A residential academy where enthusiasts fly in from all over the world to absorb the culture of tango dancing! It is in San Telmo, in the heart of Buenos Aires near Caminito and La Boca, where tango was born. You'll love the photos, videos and the history.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You Might Be An Heiress If...(take the fun quiz!)


You might be an Heiress if:

1. You know exactly what you would do with $100,000.

2. You know at least some words in 5 or more languages.

3. You drive a car with no "pimping."

4. You know the difference and between Chai Latte and Macchiato and how to make them.

5. You listen to PBS radio.

6. You have a brand new interest every single week.

7. You have researched a trip in great detail that you will take in ten years.

8. You still have some clothing or jewelry from your teens.

9. You saved your childhood books.

10. You always read more than one book at a time.

11. You prefer non-fiction and biography.

12. You dabble in art, or have shown your own work.

13. You collect fragrances by season.

14. You wear matching lingerie every day.

15. You keep an updated passport.

16. You know where the Dead Sea scrolls were found.

17. You never "crash" to bed, but retire with a book, warm milk and your journal.

18. You have at least 6 doctors on speed dial.

19. You have posed with 2 or more celebrities in your life.

20. You ARE a someone.

21. You have used at least 10 financial institutions in your life.

22. Your last "second childhood" was last week.

23. You enjoy watching foreign films with subtitles.

24. You know what will be in style before it happens from experience.

25. You have at least three close friends from other cultures.

26. You know exactly how much is in your savings account or wallet.

27. Your wallet matches your purse or eyeglass holder.

28. You unconsiously match things...nails, lipstick, jewelry, cups, cars.

29. You artistically unmatch things. china, suit pieces, furnishings.

30. You know a good attorney firm.

31. You know the exact nutritional value of everything you put in your mouth.

33. You make your own at home spa treatments.

34. You own a yoga or pilates DVD.

35. You can name 3 world leaders and have written to one.

36. You have tried to read an encyclopedia.

37. You own classical music CDs.

38. You change purses for evening.

39. You have attended religious services in at least 6 houses of worship.

40. You realize that some of your friends are people you pay.

41. You know the tenants of your own faith and creed.

44. You have written a will.

45. You own a book by Emily Post or Julia Child.

Advanced Questions:

46. You know the difference between the S & P 500 and the Fortune 500.

47. You can name 7 American companies which are at least 100 years old.

48. You know the difference between Stephen Allen and Robert Kiyosaki.

49. You know what the Euro is worth and whether it is more than the British pound.

50. You know the capital of Australia (hint- it's not Sydney).

51. You know the approximate price of a barrel of oil.

55. You know who the Prime Minister of Israel is and whether France has a king.

56. You can quote from the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

57. You know where cinnomin comes from.

58. You know the year the Vietnam War began and ended.

59. You voted in the last election.

60. You know what year Hong Kong reverts back to Mainland China.

61. You can explain the "Cuban Missile Crisis" and who presided over it.

62. You know the city where the Medici's of Italy are entombed.

63. You know in which country St. Moritz is located.

64. You know the name of the sculptor of "David" and who painted the ceiling of the
Sisteen Chapel.

65. You know the name of the doctor who invented the polio vaccine.

66. You know who the Hapsburgs were.

67. You could pinpoint Monaco on a world map.

68. You have seen "The Swan" with Grace Kelly.

69. You know the rudimentary basics of fencing, golf and archery.

70. You've checked to see if you have royal blood.

Other signs you might be an heiress

71. You are compulsively neat.

77. You don't leave the house sloppily dressed.

78. You smile when walking past strangers.

79. You always lock your car.

80. You always empty your coin purse at the Salvation Army bellringer urn. Or write a check.

81. You own a pair of white gloves.

82. You are kind to animals and perfect strangers.

83. You own a pair of large sunglasses.

84. You apply foundable with brushes and carry a compact.

85. You believe in Angels.

86. You have hand sanitizer and lotion in your handbag.

87. People who don't know you refer to you as a lady and not a woman.

88. You wear hats in the summer.

89. Your towels are all folded the same way.

90. You read everything you sign.

91. You've given a child a monetary gift for his or her birthday.

92. You've every walked out of an offensive movie.

93. You've gone back to pay for something a cashier overlooked.

94. You have taken private lessons.

95. You enjoy flying.

96. You save memorabilia.

97. You make close friends personal gifts.

98. You have a secret family recipe.

99. You still call your father Daddy.

100. You will look up information in this quiz!


0- 10 pts. (You found this quiz silly)
11- 30 pts. (You're confused by this quiz)
31- 50 pts. (You didn't have time to take this quiz)
51 - 70 pts. (You're still working on it.)
71- 80 pts. (You know someone who would like this quiz)
81 - 90 pts. (You already know you're an heiress)
91 - 100 pts. (You'd like extra credit, please)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TANGO! Is what is inside you...

Buenos Aires is where the dance Tango was born. Internationally, Buenos Aires is on the Atlantic Ocean and sparkles as the "Paris" of South America. It's home to some of the most beautiful shoes, and dancers, in the world! I confess I am hooked on this dance form. One day I hope Keith and I will visit Buenos Aires and go to the cafe which made tango famous around the world. The Argentine Tango is different from regular Tango. It is a dance between one man and one woman. It has it's own vocabulary, it's own language. Love, hate, indifference, romance, playfulness...the gamut of emotions may be expressed in it. Though some of the steps are simple, one could take a lifetime to master them, and enjoy every moment. There is no choreography that once mastered, which cannot be improvised and personalized on the dance floor. There are several styles on Tango...Salon tango is informal, and danced with one person, one dance, at a time, usually in a "salon" or small living room setting or dance floor. Milongas are parties where dances are danced in sets of three before changing partners. There is "street" tango, or orillero. And yes, it is danced on the streets of Buenos Aires in public performances. (What could be more romantic?) And finally, there is Fantasia, which is a highly stylized, large, dramatic and exaggerated dance done on stage to prepared choreography and orchestra. Fred Astaire offers basic tango classes for couples for $10 on Tuesdays at 5:45 in Panama City, Florida.
For your Tango music listening pleasure, I found this link:

TANGO! It's All About the Shoes

My album