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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My husband and I are doing "The Love Dare" from the book that inspired the hit movie "Fireproof" (2008, Sherwood Pictures). Actually, the first time I did the book, we were dating, and he proposed to me on Day 8, because, well, he "just felt so loved!" If you haven't seen the movie, please rent it on Netflix at We are also journaling to one another on Just the act of writing to each other on opposite ends of the house, and anticipation of receiving a significant love letter, has put passion and fun back into our lives.
I won't say that the assignments are easy, but they are simple. If you're single or divorced, like I was, the book will definitely prepare you for your next relationship. It may even save your marriage!
Watch the movie trailer on Imdb:
Marriage is serious business and I don't want mine to go up in flames. As you'll learn in the movie, NEVER LEAVE YOUR PARTNER.fireproof

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