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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Timid 2000's

When I wrote my book in 2002, I'd built up the excessive 80's, dreamed through the nostalgic 90's and now I am ending what I say was the Timid 2000's. This was the decade that started with the World Trade Center disaster on 9/11/2001. I'm ten years older now, and wiser. I worry that my book does not strike the same note that it did ten years ago. But, it is filled with wisdom and inspiration from my grandparents day, so it isn't exactly focused on my lifetime. Right now, I no longer want to "be rich." I want to "be secure." The present economy is weak and we are in the second year of a major recession. "The tide floats all boats," and not one person has not been affected by it. However, money does not buy happiness, and as a matter of fact, cannot even buy us security. So let us store your treasure in heaven by helping others. Strangely, that alone brings me happiness. Living within a budget brings me a sense of contentment. Facing lack drives me to my infinite source in God. Having anything at all makes me feel thankful, and well, rich- richly blessed, that is. I wonder what the 2010's will bring.
I've discovered some impressive links I'd like to share.
Simply Savings from Australia. (Look what you can do with $21!)
ING Direct for savings and banking (If you can't bank in Switzerland, how about Amsterdam? It's an International bank and fully a U. S. one, too, and tailored to we customers.)
And for buying and holding stocks and mutual funds,
Check out my Dad's blog as well. It's called, I Am Not Ashamed of Jesus. I'd like you to join me in putting some "treasure" in our heavenly bank account. And in so doing, enrich our life.//
Sometimes an example of what I am trying to say comes to my inbox. Please take few minutes to view this clip of a blind motivator has to say. It will bless your life and I believe possibly change it as well.

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