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Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Visit" The Waldorf Astoria Online (click here)

(above, clock from the 1893 World's Fair)

Just in time for Thanksgiving each year, I receive an email from the Waldorf Astoria. On a whim, I subscribed in order to find a signature recipe for Waldorf Salad- a tower of green celery, red and green apple twigs, twisted in a blend of freshly made mayonaise, sprinkled with black truffles and arranged with spiced walnuts.
This year, there is a complete website, featuring video and photo tours that will leave you breathless. The Waldorf Astoria has been known as "the unofficial palace of New York," "The fashion of New York," "Host to the World," and once, the so-called "folly" of one investor, William Waldorf Astor, according to a history video available for $20.
The Waldorf Astoria will take you back to a time when life was savored instead of gulped down.
Brew a proper cup of coffee or tea in your best china, sit down and savor an hour or so of pure luxury at

Monday, November 16, 2009

I wonder if anyone is reading this blog? All I know is that it is a place of escape for me, a beautiful world where I can visit and be in a good space.
I'm not really an heiress, you know. Unless you count my relationship to God through His son's death on the cross for me.
I am undergoing a medical procedure tomorrow. I would appreciate your prayers.
God bless you. Goodnight.

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