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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My New Interests

Flamenco Dancing! Fans for dancing (the kind you wave), Betty and Veronica comic books from the Bronze Age (1970-1979) on CD. The "Last Dinner on the Titanic" book and recipes! Do you realize that in 2 years, the Titanic will be One Hundred Years Old? Also,recreated orchestra music from actual songs played on her fateful, maiden voyage. Many of them are for dancing, which I love.
I saw the 1976 movie, Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, and was transfixed by the portrayal of Salvador, Brazil in "Bahia." Dona Flor is fanning herself at a table in a supper club waiting to dance tango with her husband on her birthday. Her hair was upswept in a dark pompador. The effect was so latin, ladylike, and so unlike the way women dress to go out nowadays. One reason the fan dropped out of popularity will be of course that we now have air conditioning. I decided I wanted a fan, such as the one my Grandma Betty once gave me, to carry to indoor and outdoor restaurants this summer. There are so many beautiful ones from the faraway land of Spain. I am tempted to get one to match every outfit.

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