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Monday, January 4, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY NEW DECADE. So, do we call it "0-10?" "2K10?" or just "2010?" By whatever will shall call it, it is a new beginning in our lives, and in the history of this world.
I resolve to remain close to my Lord Jesus, to my husband Keith, and to my family, whom I love dearly.
And I resolve to write more often, perhaps shorter columns.
My father, Capt. Ben Marler, blesses and amazes me with his consistency in writing I AM NOT ASHAMED OF JESUS on He has readers in Australia, India and Indonesia and all over the US, and growing. They search the internet for "what will happen after I accept Jesus", "Jesus Inside" and "tips to worship Jesus." Some of the places are those where Christianity is under heavy persecution. How blessed we are to be living in the USA.
Compared to my Dad, my writings seem pretty unimportant. I resolve to share my faith more often. And if you enjoy what you see, I am humbled to remember that nothing compares with Jesus Christ.

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