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Monday, November 2, 2009

Why I Love Foreign Films, Music, Dance

A heated passion of mine is film, foreign films from France and India at the moment. I'm a Netflix subscriber and movie addict and have seen over 450 films in the past 6 years, all for the price of owning only one per month. (I pay about $18for unlimited viewing by mail or on my computer at
My French list includes Happenstance (watched 3 times), Priceless (watched twice), Two Days in Paris. My Indian cinematic faves include Monsoon Wedding and Outsourced. I loved French/Algerigan singer Faudel ("The little price of Rai") so much in the movie Happenstance that I purchased two CDs on "Baida" and "Samra." I think that translating his love song lyrics from French to English on Babelfish will help teach me the French language. Faudel is also on the background music of Amira Mor's bellydancing instructional videos. Some of his music would be perfect for tango, salsa, or flamenco... (
I love foreign films, especially romantic comedies because they are usually not epics but feature the lives of individuals. Intimate and pensive, sometimes even revealing the innermost thoughts. Conversations seem more true to life, and there is less "plot" and more "story." The filmmaker is trying to teach us something profound, true, or unknowable. And the backdrops are beautiful and mind expanding, teaching about travel and culture in the most pleasant way. It is like actually being in Paris, or on the Cotes du Azur, or in India and viewing life, good or bad, through another's eyes. Laughing at life, and realizing that some things are the very same in every culture. Love, Family, Children, Work, Hopes, Faith, and Dreams.//

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