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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Log Readers Get Free E-book

If any readers of the Destin Log's recent articles on my father, Capt. Ben Marler, would like to download a free copy of this book, please go to
You will need Adobe Reader, but you may freely download this program at
Libaries are encouraged to download a free archival copy. Many of the 130 historial and family photos were taken by myself or my family and I will give written permission to use them if you will contact me at
The County libary system has a printed copy. Several local elementary schools are using this book as a fifth grade level "A. R. Reading" book, and at last count, 140 children had checked it out for school credit at my "alma mater" (1966-1972) Destin Elementary School. I regret that I don't have any more printed copies to donate, but I will be producing the book on CDs and hope that eventually Amazon will have printed copies for purchase for $13.85 plus tax. God bless you for reading this book, and please share it with your own children. - Athena//

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