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Monday, September 14, 2009

Growing Up Capt. Ben Marler's Daughter

An excerpt:
"Being Daddy's favorite subject when he was taking photography classes at F. S. U. His dark room, which always seemed more sort of red, to me, and watching a floating leaf of curled paper turn into my glossy stained likeness. Reading Archie comic books under the covers to my sister Beth and knowing that Daddy used to do that when he was little. The annual September hunting trips to Colorado. Daddy prepared for and let us "camp" all over the living room devoid of furniture. The living room slumber parties in his pop tent while anxiously waiting for the "Grizzly Bear" to shake up the tent so we all could scream! Shopping trips to Fort Walton Beach to buy new shoes at Kenney's or Fleet's shoe store, and having to buy more when they became tight. Eating hot apple pies and orange drinks at McDonald's in our car in the winter with our engine running because they was no such thing as indoor dining, while we waited for Beth's ballet lessons to be over across the street. The smells of fruited divinity and peals of bells in Sear's shopping for a shirt for Daddy which came not all new and wrinkled on a hanger, but new and all creased up in a wedge of cardboard, pins and plastic wrap." pp. 99-100.

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