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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Promo for The Essential Heiress Youtube Channel

Well, World, here I go.

I hope you enjoy watching this Promo and will check out the Hair and Makeup tutorials on my Youtube channel playlists. I am just learning how to use the editing software, so please bear with me with the camera quality and lengthiness of filming.  I learn something new with each video I make.  Please feel free to make comments and please  let me know if you would have any requests.

I have several playlists under the name ATHENA CREAMER.  Search for that, and you will find everything.

Athena Creamer MakeupChannel playlist
The Essential (sm)  BeautyChannel
The Essential (sm)  HairChannel
Buenas Heiress (sm) TangoChannel

(As yet, none of the tango videos are produced by me. They are just favorites I've collected from Youtube.  I do have a blog, if you would like to see more.)

I will turn 55 next month, and doing this is on my Bucket List,so please, be kind.

You are a Type.  Envy no other. Until then, Be Yourself. Be Heiressy. (sm)
Athena Marler Creamer

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