Gild your Look with Gold Shadow, Extensions, Pink Ombre

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Movie Themes and Makeup by The Essential

(Panama City, Florida) Do you remember the 1970's-- disco, Charlie's Angels, lacquered lips, glossy hair, smoldering eyes?  Do you also like to view makeup tutorials online and follow along.
Making these tutorials remind me of when I was a Fred Astaire dancer, and lived for dancesport.
Movie themes put me in the mood, and I was ALWAYS dressed, groomed and ready for dancing.
Who cares if you are the only one in the room wearing a "look" you adore?  One that reminds you of a special grandmother, a favorite movie, a song?
You are a type.  Envy no other. Be YOU.  Listen to "The Shadow of Your Smile" and don't forget to smile!
Foxy, dramatic, 70's daytime look--makeup tutorial

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