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Saturday, November 10, 2012

So, You're Starting Aquatic Therapy


Aqua socks (to keep your balance), a ROBE (it's colder in the dressing room), hair Up (apres' spa cold braids on the back are not nice), thick hand lotion (an hour in the water will leave them pruned), a plastic bag to stuff bathing suit and wet aqua socks into for the bag you bring, leave jewelry at home, esp. rings, and take a painkiller like fish oil before you go. Also drink water later.
It was great, and the best part is the 5 minutes at the end when they turn on all the jets in the 90 degree pool. It was hypnotizing.
The 7-8 different excercises were not too difficult. I really felt like I'd had a workout later, too. Walking on the bottom of a pool is not as easy as I thought. It's not swimming!

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