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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Child Directs Air Traffic at JFK

I applaud the father. It may have even been a teacher's idea, a take a child to work with Dad day. My 12 year old nephew could fly the Space Shuttle and every other aircraft on a simulator. Let's face it, children in our society take too long to "grow up." Some are still living at home at 35 and being called "the kids," clueless as to what they "want to be." I grew up watching Flipper in the 1960s where sons Bud and Sandy, often Sandy, the youngest, had to give vital information over the airwaves. It is exciting and motivating for other children to do important things. It can lead to a stronger nation. I read the average age on an air carrier is 19. We must raise the little persons to take over for us when we are aged. That said, I believe it is equally important to teach that rules must be followed. And a child's voice is hard to understand. But, I think that more good than harm was done, and I hope that no one is punished.

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