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Friday, December 11, 2009

Why I got involved in "Dancesport"

When first introduced to ballroom dancing, I was enduring a painful divorce and seeking physical "therapy" to heal my wounded self image. After an accelerated six week course and learning the rudimentary steps for 10 dances, I realized how much I had benefitted and the fun was about to end. The world of dance is very glamorous and the appeal was growing with each lesson, and I began to read more. I had never heard of "competitive ballroom dancing," and when seeing that term online in the London Times internet edition I mentioned it to my instructor with a laugh, and he intoned in a curiously sudden way, "it's called Dancesport. When you come back for your next lesson, everything will be different. You will have to unlearn some bad habits you have been making, and I will be very hard on you.'ll need some dancesport shoes, not the "character" shoes you have been wearing." I looked down at my borrowed flesh toned, granny heeled "Minnie Mouse" round toes with embarrassment.
(to be continued)

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